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Northern Kettle Moraine. The best to Visit, Play, Shop, Work or Live.
Most importantly experience Northern Kettle Moraine!
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  Information about recreation, business, and resources in the Northern Kettle Moraine
Almost everything, and anything that you would like to know about the Kettle Moraine. The Kettle Moraine has a lot of interesting places to visit. In these next few paragraphs I will tell you a little about what you shall find in the Northern Kettle Moraine.
First things first, Camping is one of the most popular things to do, and so it shall be the first one we mention. Camping in the Northern Kettle moraine is great; there are many things to do, like fishing, swimming, kayaking, rafting, picnicking, hiking, and biking… So go have fun, and enjoy yourself, in the great outdoors, of the Northern Kettle Moraine.
ATTENTION!!! All of you antique getters, there are many antique stores that you can go to, to get what you would like, or what you have always wanted. There are also many things that you just might spot, and say “Oh, my God!! I want that!!”
The rustic charm the of the Northern Kettle Moraine will entice your city dwelling personalities, that just have to get out, and into the country woods, for that fresh air, and country smell of the Northern Kettle Moraine.
The historical part on the page is wonderful. It gives facts about almost all of the small towns that are in this area. We are always looking for knew information, on the towns in the northern Kettle Moraine area, so if you know of something that you would like to share, email us at We hope to hear from you all soon, with your “scary” or not, stories.
We have a geographical area on the site too. What a great idea huh?? I thought so. That way you all can see the landscapes, and how the Northern Kettle Moraine got its name, and what a Moraine really is.
There You have it… The whole Northern Kettle Moraine. Well, most of it; there is much, much more on this site that you can look for. I have a Favorite page, and it’s in the historical area. The story on Campbellsport is really interesting, and certain parts just made those little hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Well I hope that you will find everything that you would like to find out about the Northern Kettle Moraine. Enjoy Your Vacation!! At home or away.


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