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Fond du Lac County

was part of the Winnebago Indian nation. By the close of the 1830's, however, the central Wisconsin wilderness, the new Northwest, became a focal point for easterners hoping to create new lives for themselves. The county itself... More ...

Auburn Township
In the southeast corner of Fond du Lac County lies the town of Auburn. It is bounded on the north by the ... More ...
Ashford Township
This town was first a constituent part of the town of Auburn in its organization, but was set off from it and separately organized in 1849, the first... More ...
Byron Township
The first settlement in the town of Byron was ... More ...

Village of Campbellsport

We give special thanks to Mrs. Gurno's  Third Grade class at Campbellsport Elementary School for this great bit of history!

      The original old Village in the town of Auburn was built in 1845 on the main branch of the Milwaukee River.  The old village was named Cruchville in 1846, and in 1856 re-named New Cassell.
      The new Village was built after the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Co. was built in 1872 in the Town of Ashford. The land was owned by Stuart Campbell and the Village was named after him.  In 1873 the name changed to Campbellsport.
      There was a large space between the two villages and finally in 1902 they were incorporated under the name Campbellsport.  M.L. McCullough was the first president and H.A. Wrucke the first Village clerk.
      On march 14, 1904 the Campbellsport Volunteer Fire Department was organized.
      One of the first big fires took place in 1908 when the Seaman, Loebs & Knickel building, which stood at the bank corner (now Dr. Krebs Office Building) burned to the ground.  The most spectacular fire in Campbellsport's history took place in the summer of 1933.  This was the depot fire, which started when a county highway employee opened the vent of a tank car of road oil while carrying a lighted lantern.  As a result the tank car of oil blew up, igniting the depot and several other railroad cars, and sending gallons of burning oil into the streets.   Because of the spectacular blaze, outside papers were alerted and reporters and photographers from Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee Sentinel, Chicago Tribune, Sheboygan Press and Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter were at the scene.  The press carried the story, and the next day the name CAMPBELLSPORT appeared in papers from coast to coast.
      St. Joseph's Convent, the home of the aged, the infirm, and the retired Sisters of the School Sisters of St. Francis, whose first Motherhouse in the United States was established in 1874.
      In 1935, the first water tower, which holds 60,000 gallons of water was built at the present location on Spring Street.  At present, a new 300,000 gallon water was built in Firemen's Park.
      In 1953, the Campbellsport Municipal Building, which houses the clerk's office and the council room was built.
      In September, 1956, the Campbellsport Area Industrial Park Corporation was formed.  The first industry to move into the park was Precision Metals, Inc.
      The Village purchased what was at one time the movie theater and remodeled the front of the building for rentable office space in 1974.   Later the Community Center was developed in the middle and back portion of the old theater.
      In 1981 construction began on the new Campbellsport Medical Center and the new Post office, both located on the corner of Sheboygan and Helena Streets.  Completion of both was reached in Spring/Summer of 1982.
      In June of 1981 the Campbellsport Area Jaycee's ball diamond was dedicated and named Ron Rohlinger Field.
      The New Cassel Heights Addition Subdivision was developed in 1988.
      In the Fall of 1990, the Wastewater Treatment Plant was put into operation. 
      The new park near the Wastewater Treatment Plant was developed  in 1991 and named Columbus Parc.
      1992-1993 s new concession stand was built in Columbus Parc, with work and material all being donated by volunteers, businessmen, and the Jaycees.
      Columbus Parc now meets many family and recreational needs,  The parc has 2 baseball diamonds, volleyball courts, basketball courts, a nature trail and a new children's area.
      The Village Water Department has built a new Water Treatment Facility on Spring Street for the treatment and control of the Village's domestic water supply.  This building was completed in Fall of 1996 and will be connected to the new Well #3 which was dug in 1995.
      Highway 67, our main thoroughfare, was updated , doing repairs to the stormwater system, lighting and repaving to enhance the quality of the ride and apperance to the Village.
      South Fond du Lac (County Hwy V) was resurfaced and sidewalk replaced from the Southern corporate limits to Main Street.  The Sidewalk Project in the Village of Campbellsport will continue until all sections of the Village are completed for safe walking conditions.
      A new Library  was built in the Summer/Fall of 1997 on Helena Street next to the Post Office.
Eden Township
In a southeasterly direction from Fond du Lac, bounded on the north by Empire, east by Osceola, south by Ashford, and west by Byron, lies the town of Eden--named after the habitation of ... More ...
Osceola Township
The name of the famous chief of the Florida Indians is perpetuated in the name of this town - Township 14 north, of Range 19 east. It is rich in timber, small lakes, fish and wild waterfowl. The town was named ... More ...

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