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Hiking and Cross Country…
Green Bush Trail…  







11 mile, on Kettle Moraine Drive, located 2 miles southwest of Greenbush.

The oldest of the three Northern Unit Trails, Greenbush is still the most popular, offering a variety of challenges to both novice and expert cross-country skiers.

Trail lengths include purple-5 miles, Green-3.6 miles, red-2 miles, and pink-.7miles.

Developed in 1939, Greenbush general follows old logging roads. It terrain is a varied mix of open, grassy meadows, mashes and hilly hardwood stands for which the kettle moraine is noted.

Heading south, the trail passes numerous pine plantations and large open kettles. To the north, Greenbush goes through a mature hardwood forest and past the bear Lake Marsh.

You will also find a new shelter at Greenbush. A large parking lot and restrooms are located at the trails’ head.

Ray Zillmer Trail…
 11 miles of trail, on Cty. SS, .5 west of New Prospect.

Touring the Zillmer Trails is more than a cross country skiing experience, it is a wilderness adventures. The 5.9 mile yellow loop is rough – it is to be enjoyed on its own term. The meadows and hilly hardwoods and evergreens, cross a creek, then turns east up a steep ridge.

Skiers usually pause at the top for the top for a breathtaking view of the forest. The descent is tough and caution is urged. From there, the trail meanders along the edges of rougher terrain before heading to yet another open ridge with a scenic vista to the east and west.

Trail lengths are as follows: yellow – 5.4 miles, red – 3 miles, green – 1.8 miles, and brown – 1.2 miles.

  The Kettle Moraine State Forest – Northern Unit consists of 30,000 acres of rolling hills, lakes, forests and grasslands, and is internationally known for its unique glacial features. Within the forest are two main recreation areas, Long Lake and Mauthe Lake. Both areas offer camping, swimming, fishing and picnicking.


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