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Fishing Report
By Mr. Fisherman


Lake Evaluation

Auburn Lake (The Big A):  Good lake for bass.  Best bait to use - plastic worms.  Staying late and using buzz baits over the weed beds is another trick.  It took me a year to figure out how to fish this lake.  My first big bass, in the beginning of the year, came off this lake using a floating silver Rapala.  It has some nice sized northern but they are hard to catch.  Crank baits are not the best bait to use for bass.  Could be a sleeper and canít wait to fish it next year.

 Lake Bernice:  Big Bass and Big Northern Lake.  Problem is you have to be there at the right time and the right place.  Weather affects this lake.  Have had very little luck working the floating vegetation but according to the locals it is productive.  Will try next year for some bigger bass and northern.  Any bait or lure you use could get you a big fish on this lake.

 Butler Lake:  A ďtake your kids fishing lakeĒ.

 Crystal Lake:  There is something I like about this lake.  I donít know if there are any big fish but its fun to fish.  It is not that difficult to pull out some fish, just fish the weed beds.  All kinds of lures will take fish.  Northern and walleye population?

 Big Elkhart Lake:  One of the toughest lakes to fish around here with the clear water.  Whatever species of fish (musky, walleye, L.M. or S.M. bass) you go for its not easy pickings.  If you catch fish consistently out of this lake youíre one fantastic fisherman in my book.  If someone was looking for a trophy this would be the lake to fish.  Night time would probably work the best.

 Lake Ellen:  Have not fished it enough to give it a true eval.  Called the ďDead SeaĒ at times.  Plastic worms should work.  Some northern but my feeling is not many big ones.  A walleye lake?

 Long Lake:  An all round good fishing lake.  After fishing other lakes, this lake has lost my interest.  The honeymoon is over.  Iíve caught some nice fish here, but the big fish must be disappearing.  The 3, 4, and 5lbers in the lake are fewer and fewer.  In my opinion even with a lot of intelligent fishermen on L.L., too many people take the bigger fish out of this lake.  Iíve seen it happen.  L.L should produce a trophy fish but it doesnít.  Many, many years ago a 71/2 lber was taken out of here.  Now a bass over 7 lbs would be tough to get or almost impossible. This lake has taken some bad hits.  With the Zebra mussels moving in, Eurasian Milfoil on the threshold, purple loosestrife, geese, no snow cover, and the pollution run off into this lake, fishing can only get tougher.  Being such a slow process it is hardly noticed until itís too late.  Already the water clarity has increased to at least 14 Feet.  It has slight weed problem but still not a bad lake to fish.  If Milfoil ever takes over it will be almost un-fishable.

On a positive note L.L. is an excellent big walleye lake.  Big ones are elusive but are there and Iím waiting for a 10 or 12 lber to show her white eyes.  Ice fishing always produced some large ones.  From my observations there are very few walleye fisherman (the guy that fishes for walleye exclusively and no other fish), at least during the summer.  My guess is the best time to fish for walleyes is at night, but seldom do I see anyone out there.  The biggest one Iíve ever caught was taken out of here this past year.

            Spinner baits will even catch walleyes.  Every kind of lure or live bait will work well on L.L.  At night, blades seem the way to go.  Will this lake turn into a night fishing lake?  You can be sure of that.

Mauthe Lake:  Too much of a weed problem making it too hard to fish in the.  A camping lake with some potential to catch big bass if the weed dilemma was taken care of.  Both sides of the beach and the middle are good for bass.  Iíve caught bass on everything but plastics.  This lake is a definite must to fish in early spring before the weeds come up.  Some big northern are in this lake.  Walleye?  With the launch area being redone, it should be easier for my big boat.  Now if something could be done about the weeds.

 Random Lake:  Had a weed problem for most of the summer and was not on my list to fish.  Fished it later in the year for musky.  A great lake to fish for these big guys but not a trophy lake.  Always anticipate a least a follow from a musky.  From what Iíve heard there is some good bass fishing to be had.  Walleye?

Wolf Lake:  A definite bass lake with a summer weed problem.  Are there any big ones?  I keep going back to fine out.  Always my favorite lake to fish when other lakes arenít producing.  Some walleye are being caught and the northern population is small.  Iíve used blades, cranks and plastics to catch bass.  All work great.  A good place to learn how to catch bass.


            As you can see the biggest problem we have in the area lakes are weeds.  How we deal with it is important to keepup the fishery we have.  These are my opinions from FISHING these lakes.  Email me if you have a different or same outlook.


            Howís your fishing?  Email me at

           Or visit Long Lake Fishing Club



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